the app to replace the business card



Rapidly exchange contact info with the people you meet.


Add notes directly to your new contact.


Tag contacts with multiple levels of classification.

Email Template

Quickly send personalized email using a custom template.


Export contacts to a CSV file for integration with other apps as well as easy data backup.

Social Media

Launch LinkedIn and Twitter feeds.


Your data is yours and yours alone. We never collect your data.

Network liberated

BadgerScan does not need a network connection.


Launch a custom survey to collect more details.

Lead Capture

No fuss and no fee lead capture at events.

Virtual Badge

Instant access to your own virtual Badge to share your contact info.

Sponsor Value

Add value for sponsors at your event by placing their banner art on the home screen.

Promote your business with a banner at any event.

About Us

We like building better tools.
a better way to swap contact info

We built this app because we need it. As conference organizers, we use it ourselves at events where contact information is embedded in codes printed on attendee badges.

After years of searching for a solution with our required feature set, we decided the best way to get what we want is to build it ourselves. BadgerScan was born.

We value privacy (most solutions fail on this point). We strive to create a user experience that does not interfere with establishing new relationships (i.e. you should not be fiddling with your phone). Finally, we are delighted for this opportunity to make BadgerScan available to you free of charge, and we hope you enjoy using it as much as we do.

  • We never collect your data. Some say it's a missed opportunity. We politely disagree.

  • Only one tap to scan a badge or show My Badge.

  • Save space for photos of your cat. BadgerScan weighs in at 3.6MB.

  • Absolutely free for use by everyone - including organizers, attendees, and vendors.

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Optimize your experience with the pre-flight checklist.

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