ENC Embraces the QR Code

The 56th Experimental Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Conference is providing BadgerScan ready badges! Team Badger is super excited to see BadgerScan make its debut appearance on the Central Coast of California at Asilomar. Amber is a Central Coast native and considers it the happiest place on Earth.

BadgerScan being used at MSACL 2015 US

San Diego Scanning

BadgerScan received a warm welcome in San Diego last week as the official Lead Capture solution at MSACL 2015 with 966 attendees and over 40 exhibitors.  BadgerScan proved especially helpful for scanning badges at corporate workshops and for creating contact lists at breakout meetings. Sunset by the fire pits Questions during a plenary talk Exhibits and Posters Read more about San Diego Scanning[…]

Salzburg Street

Hello Salzburg!

BadgerScan had it’s official debut at MSACL 2014 EU  held in beautiful Salzburg, Austria on September 2-5. Feedback was positive, and we learned that adding and editing your own badge info needed to be easier. Now you can scan your own paper badge to import your info, and edit directly from your badge view.