January 27, 2015

Banner Ads

BadgerScan is a dedicated Lead Collection app that can be used by attendees and vendors at no cost.

It also displays graphic banners that are specific to the location of the mobile device. Hence, if you are using BadgerScan at home, there is no ad placement, but if you are using it at an event, ad banners specific to the event may be visible, allowing vendors the opportunity for highly targeted customer exposure. View the following video to see the banner ads in action.


A fee of $150 per day is all it takes to place a header banner on the BadgerScan App in 1 slot of a 5 slot rotation at any event. Payment is accepted via credit card or Paypal only.

Sign me up!

To purchase an ad, contact support@badgerscan.org. Please provide:

  1. An image meeting the below specifications
  2. An optional URL that the image will link to
  3. Dates of the Event
  4. Address of the Event
  5. Name of the Event

Image Specifications

Simply provide one .png image file of the following dimensions: 1024×40 px, but with no logo or text outside of the center 320 pixels.

The 1024 pixel length allows the image to show properly on larger screens such as iPads when they are in landscape orientation. The 320 pixel limitation allows the image and text to show properly when rotated into portrait position on the smaller iPhones. Please note that banner art will be subject to approval (graphic quality only) before posting on BadgerScan.

Instructions for Illustrator CS3

  1. Create your image
  2. Use crop tool to create a box around your image at exact dimensions of 1024×40 pixels
  3. Save as PNG > File > Export… > FORMAT: PNG > EXPORT > Dialog Box > Resolution: Other: 401 > Background: White > Anti-aliased

Sample Banner Art


banner CS (1)

iso-bannerad-1024x40 (1)

PhytronixBanner (1)

UTAK_logo_BannerFinal (1)

Waters Badgerscan banner