October 13, 2015

Create Survey

How to add a custom survey to BadgerScan

Any web-based survey may be launched from the Contact Detail page of any BadgerScan contact, as shown below.


Benefits of launching a survey from BadgerScan:

  • Automatically pre-populate fields in your survey such as First Name, Last Name and Email with contact data collected on BadgerScan.
  • Consolidate contact data collected by multiple team members.
  • Provides an immediate backup of contact data collected by BadgerScan.
  • Allows your team to comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by creating an opt-in form with signature collection.

You have the option to launch a survey that is either:

  1. Hosted by a third party, such as JotForm,  Google Forms or Survey Monkey, or
  2. Custom built and hosted on your own web server (In other words, your company has it’s own survey written by a web developer.)

Instructions for implementing these options are detailed at the links below.

Option 1:  Create a JotForm survey (includes e-signature for GDPR)

Option 2:  Create a Google Form survey (no fees even for high volume responses)

Option 3: Create a Survey Monkey survey

Option 4:  Link to a custom survey on your own web server (best option if your organization already has an online form, for GDPR compliance for example)