January 27, 2015


This section contains a complete list of all the features of BadgerScan and how to use them.

For a speedy tutorial on basic features, try this video:

Managing Contacts

Add to Device Contacts

Once you have collected contacts they can be easily exported to the native contact list on your device either individually or as a group.

Share Single Contact

Export All Contacts

The Export feature will turn your contact information into a semi-colon delimited file with a .csv extension and email it to an address of your choice. This CSV file can then be exported into other software applications such as Excel.

The Export feature can also be used to backup your contact list during events. Since we do not sync your data with a server, it is recommended that you backup your data.

Having an issue exporting via Email? If your mail server is having trouble receiving the attachment, and you do see the attachment when sending the email in BadgerScan, you can access the csv file on the phone in BadgerScan’s App data directory. You may be able to copy the file off the phone onto a computer using a USB cable and a file browser program installed on your computer. For iOS devices, try the PhoneView program: http://www.ecamm.com/mac/phoneview/.
Once the program is installed on your computer and the device is attached with a USB cable, be sure to check “show all apps” in PhoneView when looking for the BadgerScan App.

Sorting Contacts

Delete Single Contact

Delete All Contacts

Contact Details




Map Office Address

Scan Location




My Badge

Show My Badge

Edit My Badge


Email Template



Set-Up Survey

You can  set up a survey that can be launched from the detail page of any contact.  Access the survey settings as shown here.


Any web-based survey may be launched from BadgerScan.

See the detailed instructions on How to Add a Custom Survey to BadgerScan.

Launch Survey

Once you have created a survey the option to launch it will appear in the detail list of each contact.

Important: Be sure to press the Submit button at the end of the survey to save the data.