October 14, 2018

For Event Exhibitors

Congratulations! Your event organizer has decided to allow you to collect leads at no extra cost, with a free mobile app. Now that your faith in humanity has been restored, let’s clarify the situation:

  1. Be aware that it is very unlikely that those of us at BadgerScan know anything about your event, so any questions related to your event, or the attendees at the event, should be directed to your event organizer.
  2. No, we do not offer an API, or developer’s kit. Larger companies that attend many events often hire a single company to provide lead capture, who in turn interface with the individual events’ lead capture protocol/software.  If you are in this situation, let your lead capture company know that the badges at your upcoming event will include a printed QR Code or PDF417 code with contact data encoded as a vCard or MeCard. The specific contact data encoded is up to the event organizer. Please contact the event organizer for exact details regarding what data is encoded. QR Codes, PDF417 Codes, vCard, and MeCard are all well known standards. Your lead capture company has no need to interface with any BadgerScan software. Ask the event organizer for a sample code to test on, and try these as well.
  3. Despite being free, we are happy to support you to ensure you have a great experience. The best way to get immediate support is to send an email to support@badgerscan.org, and leave a phone number if you prefer a call back. Phone calls (+1.858.255.1521) are screened via voice mail. Leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible. Be aware we are usually in Pacific Standard OR Central European time zones.

Now that the important stuff is out of the way, be sure to pay attention to this one item of most critical importance – read the Lead Capture Checklist. Do the things on the list at least a week prior to your event to make sure you have a working solution.

Now for the things you can mostly ignore unless you are a type-A, overachiever.

  • Create Survey – in case you need to record survey answers from leads, collect a signature, or create an immediate backup.
  • Troubleshooting – in case the export feature is not working for you, currently known glitches are solved here.
  • Banner Ads – to purchase a banner ad to promote your company at the event you are planning to attend.
  • GDPR Compliancy – in case you have a habit of following rules.
  • Lead Capture Checklist – in case you skimmed through this page to the end. DO THIS minimal preparation. No exceptions.