January 27, 2015

Event Badges

Are you planning an event?
BadgerScan may be the Lead Collection and Contact Exchange app for you.  Using BadgerScan is easy. Just add a Contact QR Code to your printed badges.

There are several ways.

  • If you are using event registration software such as RegOnline, there is a good chance that it includes the ability to create the QR Codes for you and embed them on your badges.
  • If you are using badge printing software that requires you to import the attendee information, such as with Avery products, there is a good chance that it will create a QR Code for you.  The Avery software is free, fast, and easy to use. Just create a badge template that includes a QR Code of a vCard and use the “mail merge” feature to import a spreadsheet containing all your attendee information.
  • There are many websites available that will create QR Codes for you.  QR Code Monkey has a nice interface for creating single QR Codes, and QR Stuff.com will do batch processing of a large number of codes for a small fee.


Sample Badges


Created with Avery Software for printing on “5392 Laser and Ink Jet Name Badge” paper:



Created with RegOnline and printed on 3⅝ by 5½ badge paper from pc/nametag:


Sample Badge